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Dimensions and weights

  • Recommended transom height: 635mm (25in)
  • Weight: 263.0kg
  • Bore x Stroke: 95 x 85mm
  • Propeller Selection (pitch): 17"-27.5"
    • Starting System: Electric
    • Engine Type: DOHC 24-Valve
    • Fuel Delivery System: Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
    • No. Of Cylinders: V6 (55-degree)
    • Piston Displacement cm3: 3614cc
    • Maximum Output: 147.0kW
    • Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,000-6,000rpm
    • Steering: Remote
    • Oil Pan Capacity: 8.0Lit.
    • Ignition System: Fully-transistorised
    • Alternator: 12V 54A
    • Engine Mounting: Shear Mount
    • Trim Method: Power Trim and Tilt
    • Gear Ratio: 2.29:1
    • Gear Shift: F-N-R
    • Exhaust: Through Prop Hub Exhaust

    The DF225 and DF200 have the same highly advanced 3614cc V6 four stroke engine as the DF250.

    Features include a 55 degree V-cylinder block - an industry first; DOHC 24-valve powerhead and digital sequential fuel injection with high performance plate type injectors providing superior fuel atomisation and cleaner combustion. A powerful 32-bit on board computer ensures that the motor is running at optimum efficiency throughout the power band in and in all operating conditions. The offset drive shaft provides a big 2.26:1 gear ratio which drives a 16inch prop giving fast acceleration and top speed whilst a 54 amp alternator producing 32 amps at only 1000rpm keeps electrics running even at trolling speeds.

    The DF225 also incorporates multi stage intake manifold to enhance engine performance by changing the way the engine breathes at different speeds.