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Mercury F300L/XL/CXL Verado

Mercury F300L/XL/CXL Verado

When Mercury set out to engineer the perfect outboard engine, we questioned everything: every number, every scenario, every detail. The result? Verado®, the world’s most reliable and advanced propulsion system. The six-cylinder Verado delivers an amazing driving experience, superior reliability, jaw-dropping power and acceleration and the quietest, smoothest ride ever produced by an outboard.

RRP £21,999.00 F300L Verado Long shaft

RRP £21,999.00 F300XL Verado Extra long shaft

RRP £21,999.00 F300CXL Verado Extra long shaft with Counter rotating shaft

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    Specifications Verado 300

    • Horsepower 300 hp (220.65 kw)
    • Dry weight 288 kg
    • Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger 5800-6400
    • Displacement 2598 cc
    • Cylinder layout In-line
    • Number of cylinders 6
    • Starting Electric Alternator system power 882 watt
    • Trim positions Electric Hydraulic Power Trim and Tilt
    • Induction system SmartCraft DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift), supercharged with charge air cooling and electronic boost pressure control
    • Gear shift Forward (F) - Neutral (N) - Reverse (R) Gear ratio 1.85:1
    • Steering Electric Hydraulic Power Trim and Tilt
    • Recommended boat transom type 508 mm (L) - 635 mm (XL) - 762 mm (XXL)
    • Fuel system Carburated Fuel type Gasoline Fuel requirement Unleaded 95 RON recommended for maximum performance
    • SmartCraft Yes Counter rotation Available on XL and XXL models Engine technology 4 stroke supercharged Alternator type Fully regulated Belt-Driven

    Nothing's quieter

    • The Verado multichambered Intake Sound Attenuator not only reduces overall noise by up to 14 decibels, it also tunes the engine sound to a more pleasing tone. Additionally, acoustic foam lining along the upper cowling and lower cowl absorbs high frequency engine and driveshaft noise, resulting in Verado's best-in-class sound rating.

    Smoothest ride

    • Verado inherently runs smoother than conventional V-block outboard engines thanks to its inline design. An inline six-cylinder engine is better balanced because the cylinders are aligned in one row, providing a smoother-running, more compact design.

    Precise steering

    • Verado's exclusive Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering system eliminates steering torque while delivering a precise steering feel.

    Virtually vibration-free

    • Not only are the Verado Perimeter Engine Mounts twice the size of typical mounts, the innovative positioning around the powerhead virtually eliminates engine-related boat vibration.