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Need more muscle? Upgrade to a Command Thrust model with its larger gearcase and 2.38:1 gear ratio. Paired with Mercury’s V-6-class big-diameter propellers, these new 100 - 115hp FourStrokes deliver even better acceleration, awesome maneuverability and superior stopping power.

RRP £8,925.00 F115XLPT CT EFI, Electric start, Remotes, Power trim & tilt, Extra long shaft, Command thrust

RRP £9,295.00 F115CXPLT CT EFI, Same as XLPT CT with Counter rotating shaft

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    Specifications FourStroke 115 EFI CT

    • Horsepower 115 hp (84.58 kw)
    • Dry weight 165 kg
    • Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger 5000-6000
    • Displacement 2064 cc
    • Cylinder layout In-line
    • Number of cylinders 4
    • Starting Electric
    • Alternator system power 441 watt
    • Trim positions Electric Hydraulic Power Trim and Tilt
    • Induction system 8-valve, SOHC
    • Gear shift Forward (F) - Neutral (N) - Reverse (R)
    • Gear ratio 2.38:1
    • Steering Remote or Big Tiller kit
    • Recommended boat transom type 508 mm (L) - 635 mm (XL)CR
    • Fuel type Gasoline
    • SmartCraft Yes Closed cooling N/A Engine technology 4 strokes

    High Displacement

    • Displacing 2.1 liters, these FourStroke outboards produce power to spare, which leads to improved durability, longer life, greater hole shot, increased overall acceleration and awesome top speed.High displacement with Command Thrust attributes results in ultimate performance.

    Improved Acceleration

    • The larger “CT” gearcase provides more leverage to lift heavier hulls onto plane and keep them on plane at lower speeds.The 2.38:1 gear ratio lets the engine spin up more rapidly, developing torque at a faster rate.


    • For the first time, Mercury is offering a 115hp FourStroke with left-hand rotation.The addition of a counter-rotation model provides neutral steering feel and superior handling in a twin-engine rig.Two 115 Command Thrust engines on the transom provide the maneuverability and get-home safety of higher-horsepower twins – at a much lower price.