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8.2L Magnum HO

8.2L Magnum HO

With 8.2 L of big-block power at your command, the 430 hp 8.2 MAG HO can make its presence known anytime you like. Its massive torque, delivered through the available Bravo X drive option creates an extraordinary propulsion system for your cruiser or larger runabout. While powerful, the 8.2 MAG HO is also very well-mannered and reliable. So, you’re not trading off brains for brawn, they’re combined into one very amazing power package. Standard closed cooling system, along with our most sophisticated spark and fuel injection systems, exclusive AL cyclinder heads designed at Mercury Racing deliver every ounce of performance that you expect from MerCruiser. And to top it off, the engine is even 50 kg lighter than ist predecessor that resutls in more fuel economy.

RRP £28,794.00 8.2L MagHO Bravo 1 Xdrive

RRP £29,394.00 8.2L MagHO Bravo 2 Xdrive

RRP £29,994.00 8.2L MagHO Bravo 3 Xdrive

RRP £32,994.00 8.2L MagHO 3XR Drive

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    Specifications 8.2 MAG HO

    • Horsepower 430 hp (316.27 kw)
    • Dry weight 490 kg
    • Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger 4600 - 5000
    • Displacement in liters CID 8.2/502
    • Cylinder layout V
    • Number of cylinders 8
    • Minimum engine weight with drive 494 kg Maximum engine weight with drive 506 kg
    • Alternator system power 917 watt
    • Induction system High-inertia induction system
    • Fuel tank type Integrated Fuel system MPI Fuel type Gasoline
    • SmartCraft Yes Digital Throttle and Shift Optional
    • Closed cooling Standard Water drain system
    • Bravo Standard