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The worlds first propane powered outboard

Through the use of propane fuel, LEHR inc. has found a cost effective way to reduce emissions and associated health risks which improves the marine enviroment all over the world.

RRP £1,150.00 LP5.0, 15'' Short shaft, Manual start, Tiller

RRP £1,200.00 LP5.0, 20'' Long shaft, Manual start, Tiller

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    Technical Specifications

    • Engine type: Propane powered 4 stroke OHV
    • Horsepower rating: 5HP (3.6KW)
    • Displacement: 6.83cu in / 112cc
    • Cylinders: 1
    • Starting system: Manual
    • Trim positions: 5
    • Gear shift: Forward- Neutral- Reverse
    • Weight: 48.4Ibs / 21.8Kg